Danah Behbehani
"I put words on things."
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About me...

Born and raised mostly in Kuwait, to an American mother and Kuwaiti father, I spent a lot of my youth surrounded by censorship. Scenes were edited out of movies, while book and magazine passages were blackened with Sharpies—I wondered why.

It made me curious and highlighted the importance of expression to me at an early age. Details, knowledge, words, photos: I wanted to craft the messages I saw, not be dictated to. But how would I do it?

At age 10, I learned how to read and write English. The next summer, while other kids played outside, I sat glued to my twin bed inhaling books as if they were the very oxygen I required to keep on living.

My love of words was born—be they in a lengthy novel, or a glossy magazine ad. They all told a story, and I wanted to do the same. 

At age 11, while living in the U.S. for a couple of years, I got a typewriter for Christmas. Computers were starting to catch on, but they were still pretty basic and there was no Internet yet. I loved my typewriter, and I spent most of my time pounding out letters to pen pals I'd never met.

Soon after, my family moved back to Kuwait. Then we moved to England. And I left a couple of years later, heading stateside for college. I graduated from Boston University and began traveling and working around the world. At one point, I went back to school—this time in Sydney, Australia. While there, I wrote for some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now I live in Portland, Oregon, where I've worked on both the corporate and agency side of the copy world: evangelizing brands through the power of words. I've done it all—from social media and digital content to traditional marketing materials. But rest assured, my childhood typewriter has long since retired. I now work on a Mac.
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